Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


Grant was all about trick or treating this year. He was even into his costume which is pretty amazing considering I can never get him to wear a hat otherwise. And-- we actually had more than enough candy this year which is also amazing considering we had approximately 500 trick or treaters (okay, that number's probably a bit exaggerated).

Mimi, Pops, and UD came trick or treating with us. We were the only group with an adult to kid ratio of 4:1.

The morning after was a bit of a struggle... Grant wanted his candy for breakfast. The lack of a nap the day before, topped off with getting to bed late, was a recipe for disaster (or for a two year old, a tantrum). He settled down after I threatened to throw all of his candy in the trash if he didn't stop fussing. He had Fruit Loops for breakfast instead.

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