Saturday, February 23, 2008

Grant's Third Birthday

We celebrated Grant's birthday at home with an adorable "choo choo" train cake made by Mimi. All of the fam was there including Nana and O' Dad, Uncle ET, Aunt Angie, Autumn, Peyton, Mimi, Pops, UD, Nanny and Gaga, Granny, Sara, Brian, Addison, Karla, and Kelsey and CJ.

We enjoyed lunch, cake and ice cream, a simple game of pin the number one on Thomas (which Grant refused to do blindfolded), and opening presents. Grant made out like a bandit with summer clothes and of course more toys... the shake n go crash up race track from mommy and daddy, bowling, and other various games just to name a few.

After a day of cooking, cleaning and partying, I still had to make cupcakes for Grant to take to preschool the next day.

Next year we're going to Chuck E. Cheese's!

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