Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Grant caught his first fish yesterday. We were at Old Hickory Lake down the street from my brother's house. Danny has gone to the Philippines for about a week so we've been trying to stay busy.

We got to have another go at fishing today at Mom and Dad's. He was so sweet-- He felt sorry for the fish seeing the hook in their mouth and flopping around. He's said "it's scared." That didn't keep him from wanting to throw the hook back the water though.

And here we are on the four wheeler. Mommy still knows how to drive!

We had a fun time with all of the fam including Grandad, Virginia and Joey's bunch. We topped off the night with Nana's classic hot fudge cake, came home for a quick bath, and Grant went to bed without crying.

We love you baby. See you soon.

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