Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Still Waiting

Well, my goal this whole pregnancy has been 1st, a healthy baby and 2nd, to experience what it is like to go into labor naturally. And now, a week past my due date, I am starring at an induction in the eye.

I just don't understand how pregnant women just go into labor. Their water breaks on its own and they start having contractions, blah, blah, blah. My body seems to be made to be pregnant. My cervix is made of steel and my uterus does not contract without pitocin. Danny thinks I'm part equine and I could continue to carry this baby for a full 12 months.

At this point I've tried everything. Strenuous activity to completely vegging out. Evening Primrose oil to Raspberry Leaf Tea. I even blew $150 on acupuncture a couple of days ago just in the hopes of getting some degree of labor going. Nothing. Tomorrow night I'll be ordering the spiciest Thai food I can handle. The only thing left will be castor oil, but I don't believe I'll be going there.

I see my midwife tomorrow for a non-stress test. Then we'll schedule an ultrasound for Monday. If everything still looks okay, we could do the induction as late as Wednesday (April 1st)!!!

I am just grateful that I can finally see this pregnancy in not indefinite. This time next week I will definitely be seeing my HEALTHY baby boy.

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