Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Drew, 24 months

Last year at this time he couldn't even walk, and he had only been crawling for about a month.  He could "mama" and "dah" and do the sign for all done.  Now he's running around the house as fast as his brother and not so much a toddler anymore. 

He can say pretty much anything he wants to say, and his vocabulary includes the use of adjectives to describe things.  A few that come to mind are..."that pretty", "my foot hurts", "I got milk",  and "it raining."   I could go on and on.

He can sing his ABC's and count to 10 with a little help.  Let me remind you that he is only two years 24 months old.

I've been singing this corny song to him since he was about 6 months old.  It's just a silly little serenade I made up about how I love him and how he is such a sweet baby.  So, about a week ago, he started singing it with me.  I guess I'm going to have to changed the lyrics from "baby" to "boy."

He wants to play with whatever Grant is playing with.  Except he doesn't really want to play with it.  He just wants to get a reaction out of his big brother.  He dashes for Grant's toys saying "Deeeewwww!" the second Grant isn't looking.   Why does he say his own name, you may ask?  Because that's what Grant screams out when he realizes what Drew is doing.  I try to explain to Grant to ignore him and he won't do it anymore, but he just doesn't get it. 

I've titled this post "Drew, 24 months" and not "Drew, 2 years" because his birthday is still a whole day away.  He is not 2.  He is 24 months.  I'm going to hang on to that as long as I can.

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  1. You're killing me today! First with another picture to make me wistful - the train display at Phillips Toy Mart. I spent so many hours in there, following a toddling Elena around that store. Do they still do the bunnies at Easter? And then the sweet pictures of your Drew, making me wistful for when my big boy was 24 months. Happy Birthday, Drew!