Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Boys of Summer

Grant is already back to school.  I thought I'd take some time to reflect on our summer.

With only 8 weeks, we crammed a lot in.

Week 1, swim school.  I think they floated for nearly 30 minutes this day.  

Week 2, beach trip #1.  Sunny Side Beach, FL.  Thank you mom and dad for a great trip and some great memories. 

Week 3, Baseball Camp for Grant.  Actually, the entire summer consisted of lots of baseball practice and Beast games. 

Week 4.  We said goodbye to the wedding chapel.

Week 5, beach trip #2.  Destin, FL.  Great house. Even better company.

Week 6, Vacation Bible School for Grant.  Drew will be so excited to go with him next year.  I didn't get a picture, but we did go to the zoo several times this summer.  Grant was too scared the first trip to go see the robotic, life size dinosaurs.  But, on the subsequent trips, he braved it without a worry just like his little brother. 

Week 7, Miscellaneous fun at home.  

Week 8, More fun at home and around Nashville.

hanging out at the club pool
zoo with Autumn, Peyton, and Nana
Week 9.  Back to School.  Big time second grader. 
I think he grew 4 inches over our quick but fun summer break.  

A short blurb about the main event for each week of the summer really doesn't do it justice.  

So many memories were made... the house constantly covered with dinosaurs, cars, and skylanders... trying to get a word in while Grant is telling me every single detail about his current race bracket.... "Jumping Bean" Drew, jumping off of anything and everything in his sight... me, trying to make cupcakes, get a workout in, and keep the house presentable all while refereeing two kids.  

I wouldn't change a thing though.  I love my boys of summer.  

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