Sunday, March 23, 2008


This was the first year Grant was old enough to decorate eggs with me. It was fun to get some craft time in before Danny and I left for Tampa.

Grant stayed with Mimi and Pops Thursday night as Danny and I connected in Dallas to fly to Tampa. We arrived to beautiful sun and 79 degrees. We had a few hours on the beach and then it was off to the NCAA tournament.

Unfortunately, the Dores played their worst game of the season and got blown out by Siena. We were so bummed out (and I was missing Grant) that we decided to come home Sunday instead of Monday. It rained all day on Saturday, but we enjoyed driving up the coast a little bit and watching basketball at the hotel. We topped it off with a fabulous dinner at Island Way Grill.

We flew back through Miami. Firstclass baby!

Grant got to go to two Easter Egg hunts while we were gone, and the Easter Bunny left him a present at Nana's house.

Danny says I made him come early, but I think he missed Grant too.

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