Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Today was Grant's last day of school until after the Holidays. Montessori school is quite different from his old "Mom's Day Out" program. Instead of having a Holiday party gorging on cookies, chips, and cupcakes and making endless Christmas crafts and ornaments, Grant has spent the last couple of weeks expanding his cultural knowledge by learning about Kwanzaa and Hanukkah. He even came home one day telling me about the jar of pennies they have in the classroom. He said, "It's for school supplies for kids in... in... in... uh... Pakistan." I kid you NOT. He said "Pakistan."

I had ignored the flyers the school sent home on the fundraiser thinking I would get to it soon enough. Well, the next day Grant arrived at school with a baggie full of pennies.

We've been doing our fair share of gorging and Christmas crafts at home.

We'll be making Christmas cookies tomorrow.

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