Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to town

Speaking of first, we had another one this year. Grant sat in Santa's lap.
Well, kind of...

It's closer than he has ever gotten without wailing in terror. I asked him if he was going to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. He said, "Will you help me." Translation: "will you tell him for me?" Me, "Yes, I will."

This year will be the year of Cars from the Disney movie. He wants the Screamin' Banshee, Doc, Sally, Mater, and a Lightning McQueen car track. All of which he requested on his own.

Danny ended up there with him as I snapped the picture. He couldn't quite work up a smile, but I don't blame him. What other time is it okay for a child to sit in a strange, obese, bearded man's lap dressed in a ridiculous red fuzzy suit? Hmmmmmm. NEVER!

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