Friday, February 19, 2010

Mr. Big Stuff

We finally have a crawler.  Except I don't care that some babies are crawling at 6 months old.  It took Drew nearly 11 months figure it out and I love it.  Why?  Because why rush it?  He's been a happy guy for the longest time sitting contently pulling toys out of his toy box or watching Grant bounce around the house.  That is until last week. 

On Monday, he figured out he could get around more efficiently if he put one knee in front of the other instead of dragging his belly along the floor like a fish out of water.  And by Friday, he was nowhere to be found.   I was eating lunch in the living room, and Drew was playing nearby.  As I was munching on my sandwhich, he became curious and before I knew it, he was out of sight.  I could here him roaming through the kitchen.  Grant was running around as usual so I asked him what Drew was doing.  He said, "He's in the laundry room."  I nearly spued my drink all over the place surprised by his new found speediness.

So now he thinks he's Mr. Big Stuff or something, pulling up on anything and everything he can reach.

He's totally into looking at books.  Well, I think he's more interested in turning the pages than actually looking at the pictures.  But if you sit down with him to read him books, the sessions often end in tears as he protest for more. 

He's also into picking up the tiniest crumb or piece of fluff on the floor and putting it in his mouth.  Just this week I caught him gagging on a piece of carpet.  This one I don't get though because he's currently not too thrilled with table food.  Although you definitely can't tell it by looking at him. Huh?

And last but not least, this picture just brings a smile to my face.  It's just a glimpse of  brief contentment in our daily life..... everyone has their chocolate milk poured, clothes on, diaper changed, morning coffee and cereal consumed, and an activity to do.

I rush off to get ready and get my clothes on myself.  Minutes later, "Mommy, um, Mommy, can you help me with this?"  And Drew crying because he has bumped his head on the table.  Readjust. Help. Console.  Find contentment once again................... and so on and so on.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! My 9 1/2 month old isn't crawling crawling yet either, she's doing the fish flop/drag which is pretty humorous. :) Your boys are adorable!
    As for the video upload, I know hoe to do it 2 different ways. The easiest way is to just go to your settings on blogger and switch back to the old editor to upload the video directly from your computer. That is what I usually do.
    The way I did it this time was different though. I started using Windows Live Writer to write my posts and I uploaded it to youtube though that. There is a button in the live writer to upload video and you just type in your youtube username and password.