Monday, May 17, 2010

I Heart T-ball

With the help of many volunteers and appoved funding by the county, most of our Little Leauge fields are back in business after the flood, and Grant's remaining T-ball game have been rescheduled. 

Thank goodness because the San Diego Padres were getting better and better every game.  I'm so proud of Grant and how excited he is to play every game.  While some kids are dumping dirt on their heads or picking dandelions in the outfield, Grant finds his spot, draws an "X" in the dirt with his cleats, and stands there baseball ready every game.


It's always easy for me to tell which one he is on the field because he's the only 5 year old sporting sunglasses.  My man is serious about watching that ball.

How exciting it is to see him grow into the little boy that he is. His likes (dessert, fresh pineapple and XBOX) and dislikes (dinner and anything to drink other than milk or apple juice). His desires (to go to the beach and play XBOX as much as he wanted to) and thoughts ("I just looked at how many there were and my brain just knew that there were seven"). On some days I feel like he is still my baby, and other days he seems so grown up and mature.

I might 'heart' T-ball, but I'm totally in love with Grant.  I can't wait to see the little baseball player he becomes (and if he will ever drink a Sprite).

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