Friday, June 4, 2010

14 Months

Drew has learned lots of new tricks recently. 

Now that he is one year old, he thinks he's two years old or something.  He can walk.  He can talk.  AND he thinks he is the first born of the houshold. 

Since the past couple of weeks he has started to take more and more steps.  But just since this weekend he is a full blown TODDLER.  He's walking around the house like he own's the place. 

He is learning to feed himself and do various tricks with his utensils and food.

And all of the sudden he has a vocabulary.   He says,
     uh oh
     dah (dog)
     mih  (milk)
     puh (puff)
     cah (car)
     dah du  (thank you)
     And assorted animal noises for horse, cow, dog, cat, sheep, and fish. 

He uses his baby signs for all done, night-night, eat,  more and fan (yes, he's currently facinated with the ceiling fans). And he's even invented his own sign for whatever it is he wants by waving his arm and saying "uuuuuhhhhhhhuuuuuhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!"
His favorite things to do include unloading the kitchen cabinets......

Taking a bath....

And his VERY favorite thing is swinging in his new backyard swing....

Something I haven't figured out though is his jealousy of Grant.  Since bringing Drew into the world I've worried about Grant coping with consequences of having to learn to share his time with us with his younger brother.  It never occured to me though that my baby boy would be jealous of big brother.  When Grant wants to cuddle up with a book or he's crying from hurting himself, Drew will bust up the snuggling with a push and a shove and his classic "uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh!!

Grant on the other hand loves to try and cuddle with Drew, give him zerberts, or pats on the head.  Go figure.

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