Tuesday, January 10, 2012

All I Want for Christmas...

With Grant donning a snaggle tooth smile this year, we made a joke that all he wanted for Christmas this year was his two front teeth.  As it turns out, all he wanted was some stuffed animal Angry Birds. 

Apparently, that's all Drew wanted as well.  Tears were shed on Christmas morning after Drew gathered up Grant's Angry Birds and said "my Angry Birds".  I think he was just a little overwhelmed after being awoken from his sleep, asked to skip breakfast, and check out the presents Santa brought him. 

Grant also got a Wii although he didn't notice it at first.  He said "I got Wipeout (game) for Wii! Except, I don't have a Wii."  

Drew settled down after he got to eat some chocolate from his stocking and Grant let him play with his Angry Birds.

After opening our presents and playing with a few toys, we ate breakfast and then got ready to host the Ladd family Christmas at our house.  The rest of the day consisted of plenty of yummy food, hanging out with our family, white elephant gift exchange for the adults and gingerbread house decorating for the kids.
Opryland Hotel

Christmas Eve at Mimi and Pop's

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  1. We LOVE the Angry Birds game! I didn't think it would be much more than a novelty for a day or two, but we actually enjoy playing it. It's been good for Eli - counting, recognizing shapes, learning to lose to his momma with grace :) Love the family pictures, too. Y'all are one good-looking family!