Saturday, August 9, 2008


We got back last weekend from camping trip on the Natahala River in North Carolina. Well, our latest version of camping is in a 27 foot camper equipped with a full kitchen, shower, bathroom, couch, beds, and don't forget the TV (with satellite!)

Danny was covered up at work so Grant and I made the trip with my mom, dad, Erick, Angie, and the kids. Danny asked me what he was going to do over the weekend while we were gone. Not something you say to the woman of the house. I told him, quite simply, he could vacuum or do the laundry. He ended up doing both and dishes and he washed his car inside and out. Whoo hoo!

On Friday, we rafted the river just like old times. (I think I've been going since I was about 5 years old). Grant stayed behind with Nana. Rafting was pretty much uneventful with everyone managing to stay in the boat. However, it was Autumn and Peyton's first time. They had terror and tears in their eyes after the first set of rapids.

On Saturday, we found this place called Deep Creek. It's actually a very popular place for tubing. It was so cool. Like a natural lazy river. Grant stayed with my dad and the rest of the gang hiked 1.7 miles to the top and then took off on our tubes. We floated down for about an hour bouncing this way and that way, spinning and tumbling over the rapids. Grant got to ride with me for the last ten minutes. To quote him.... "This is fun, Mommy. I love this."

Seeing it through Grant's eyes, it was one of those moments when you're just present and nothing else maters. And for a moment, I was a 3 & 1/2 year old without a care in the world.

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