Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 2

My mom was my hero today.

She called this morning wondering what our plans were for today. She asked if I needed a babysitter for anything. I didn't have any plans, but yes, I needed a babysitter.
I've felt a little cooped up the past couple of days. So, I knew a little retail therapy would recharge my battery. Off to Target I went.

By the way, my dad was also my hero. He heard through the grapevine that our garage door had been acting up. He stopped by as well. Now it's good as new.

Drew ended up downing almost 6 oz. from a bottle while I was out. No wonder I've been tired the past couple of days. This kid can eat!

Drew, 3 months

Grant picked out this outfit for Drew to wear today. Of course, I remembered a picture of Grant wearing the same one so I couldn't resist. Notice the difference in age and rolls. I'm actually starting to think they look a little different.

Grant, 5 months

We ended the day making Jello Jigglers that were more squishy than jiggly. Oh well. It's the act that counts.

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