Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School

Grant's first day of school last week was not so easy for him. He did great the days leading up to it. And even that morning he was very cooperative and ready to go. He did fine the whole way there and made it into school on his own free will. But as I was signing him in, I looked down to see him with his hand over his face trying not to cry. I quickly tried to console him and ensure him that I would back soon to pick him up. Well, he ended up screaming "but I don't want to go!!!!" and clinging to my leg.

After threatening to take ALL of his toys away if he pulled something like that again, he was good to go the rest of the week including today. I even got a "goody, goody, goody" out of him today as I reminded him it was a school day!

I think he likes his new schedule (mainly his abbreviated rest time), and he likes being considered one of the big kids this year.

He certainly is.

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