Saturday, August 8, 2009

Once upon a time--

there was a girl named Lesley. One day back in Junior High School, she spotted a cute boy in the gym. He had big blue glasses and stonewashed jeans. She had braces and a perm. It was 7th grade. His name was Danny. He had a girlfriend. Her heart was crushed.

They had music class together in 9th grade. One day, he spoke to her. Her heart was thrilled.

In 11th grade, her best friend started dating his best friend. Danny had, yet, another girlfriend. Her heart was sad.

A short while later, he broke up with his girlfriend and asked Lesley out. Her heart was ecstatic.

Two proms, four years of college, one wedding, two trips to Hawaii, three houses, six jobs, two kids, and ten anniversaries later, her heart is FULL.

They are still together. And always will be.

I love you, baby. Happy Anniversary.

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  1. Lesley--
    I just found out about your blog through Danny's facebook. I have since spent more time than I care to admit catching up with all of the goings on at the house of Sawyer. Your blog is great! I am excited that you all have found a new home and will be planning a MOVE soon. Good luck in the selling process-I know it can be daunting at times, but your house looks great from the pics. I hope all is well. Have fun at the Titans games without me this year...:( I will miss having that as an excuse to come visit and get to see you guys.
    Take care!