Thursday, September 12, 2013

8 Years

Well, what do you know? I'm back!

Just this week, Drew's teacher was asking for family photos for a class project.  After scavenging the house for a few, I realized... I had zero. Yep, I haven't made a photo book or even developed a few pictures all year. Whoops. I printed out a few to send in, but after searching through the photos on my PC I realized I REALLY need to put some on here.

I'll guess I'll start with Grant's birthday since his next birthday is only about 5 months away. Ah!
His 5 year old birthday party was here.  What a difference 3 years makes.

Boys are silly

 Drew thinks he's 8

Best buds

Skylander and cupcakes cake by Mommy

8 year old

Photo Bomb!

His teeth have already grown in by now.

Remind me next time to get a family pic.

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