Thursday, September 12, 2013

Drew's Fourth and Baseball

I managed to crank out the last post in about 10 minutes so here goes another.

The boys had an awesome baseball season. This was Drew's first year for T-ball. He's watched his big brother play for the last 4 years so he was ready.

Well, there was some tears and a pretty decent meltdown at his first couple of games. Not by any other kids on the team except for the coaches son... Drew. You see, his first game fell right at nap time. 1:30pm. There could be no worse time for the very first game of T-ball for thirteen 3-4 year olds. And when Drew realized that he wouldn't get to bat every single inning, he lost it.

Thankfully most games were like this.
Best coach/dad ever

"Watch the ball, Drew!"

He was so proud of his trophy. He asks all of the time "when do I get to play on a baseball team again?" 

Grant's team had an incredible season. They started 8-0 and ended up regular season co-champs. They got knocked out in the semi finals of the tournament.

I love watching him play, and he loves being out there. Doesn't matter that he's not the best on his team. He loves keeping up with the stats, hanging out with his friends, and the fact that his dad coaches his team.

warming up between games

big kid

During our winning streak, one of the kids stated that Danny was the best coach ever. When asked why, he said "because we win every game!" Danny had to explain he only won 2 games last year. This year we just had a great group of boys.

Drew's birthday was in March. We had two ball games scheduled for the same day as his party. His birthday fell on Easter Sunday, and with 2 boys playing ball with their own dad coaching both teams, it left us with little options.

Well, the games got rained out (as well as least half of the other games of the season). We ended up having a nice relaxing Saturday.

And a great 4 year old putt-putt birthday party.

Hole in one!

Drew's best friends are Grant's best friends

be still my heart

Skylanders. See I told you he thinks he's 8.
Remind me next time to get some family pics.

Oh. Here's some! Easter. Drew's birthday.

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