Thursday, September 26, 2013

Summer Recap

 We kicked off summer this year with camping at Deep Creek, NC. Danny started his new job in the spring so he sat this trip out. We had probably 30 family members and friends. Grant, Drew and I were lucky enough to "camp" in the motorhome with mom and dad.

The creek water for tubing was too cold for Drew. But, Grant rode the creek several times including a few times by himself. I was hanging onto his tube of course. 

Next up was a week of swim school. 
Grant, working on his breast stroke.

Drew, freestyling at 4 years old.

Then our annual trip to the Florida panhandle. We had maybe 2 1/2 days of beautiful weather. Danny, arriving on Tuesday, had one good day.

And then this happened.

 This was not the kind of typical Florida thunderstorm where you just wait it out for an hour or two and then you can head back out to the beach. It rained, pelting rain, for 2 days straight. Almost 20 inches in our area. It was difficult to even go to the grocery store and impossible to shop in the open air malls. 
We still had a good time making the best of the situation. We got lots of quality time our family, played lots of Uno, and the kids got to see Despicable Me 2. 

With lots of rain in the forecast through the weekend, we left early and came home on Friday. The rain stopped for a few minutes to get our annual "beach" family picture". This is how we felt. 

It rained a lot at home the entire summer. Danny's grass has never stayed so green through August. Thankfully, we did find some sunny days at the pool.
Minion dives

This may or may not have been the day that Grant managed to get a screw stuck in his foot at the pool. 

We wrapped up summer with a week of golf lessons. 

Grant won longest drive on this day (overnight storm caused trees and leaves down all over the course).
Enjoying our new local splash pad.

Pure bliss.

And of course, it wouldn't be summer without a sticky, sweaty trip to the zoo. At least is wasn't raining though.

August st means back to school for these two. 

First day at his new school. 4 year old pre-K.
Second grade

Oh yeah, I got LASIX and Danny and I celebrated our 14 year anniversary! Luckiest girl in the world, right here...........

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