Friday, June 19, 2009


We just got back from a week long trip to FL. I had no intention on taking a vacation this year until September (when Drew was more of a baby and less than an infant, and I was caught up from my sleep deprivation.) Well, it turns out that Drew is suddenly a happy little baby, and I'm not sleep deprived at all.

It was actually a last minute decision to go with my family because Danny was going to Europe. I figured I would have more help with two little ones if I endured the trip down there rather than staying at home all by myself. And that's the other thing... I didn't have to "endure" the trip at all. We got to ride down there first class... in my parent's motor home!!!

Between all of the Travis' beach gear and all of Drew's baby gear, it was the only way to go. We left at about 4:00pm. Drew did great sleeping from 8:00pm to 1:00am when we got there. Grant slept a lot of the way too, but when we got there, he had more trouble falling back asleep than Drew did. He said. "I want to go home."

It turned out Danny took another job and didn't go to Europe after all. He ended up joining us on Tuesday after driving down by himself.

My parents were great babysitting often so I could catch some sand and sun between feedings.

Grant LOVED the beach the first day running in and out of the water and riding on the boogie board with O' Dad, but then we had to force him to go back after that. Until, of course, the last day. He had a ball with Daddy, and said he wanted to come back "tomorrow" !

He still definitely prefers the swimming pool.

Grant was able to keep up with his big cousins a little bit this year. He made it around the entire complex on his new scooter.

Drew actually made it to the beach... on the last day... at sunset.

He has become so responsive, smiley, giggly, and waking-up-only-one-time-a-nighty.

I'm officially in love.