Friday, October 8, 2010

18 Months

Dear Drew,

You can slow down now.  You are growing a little too quickly.  Somehow, you are already 18 months old.

You are running, and climbing, and sliding down the slide by yourself.

Your one syllable words have turned into two word sentences like "weh mommy?" and "awnt up."  You are fascinated by letters and insist on us telling you the letters on the pages of books instead of actually reading the book.  You know the letter O, P, and S and we're pretty sure you know others, but they all kind of start to sound the same after that. 

Your favorite shows are Super Why and Mickey Mouse.  No, we don't let you watch a lot of TV, but when mommy needs to get things done your favorite shows will keep you occupied.  Thank you, by the way, for skipping the whole Wiggles and Barney phase.  We had enough dancing men with pointing fingers and purple dinosaurs with your brother.

Speaking of  your brother, I love to watch you chase him around the house.  You giggle at his crazy antics and then calmly push him out of the way when you've had enough.  I know you adore him though and he loves you more than you know. 

I'm probably not supposed to think of you as perfect, but you just are.  You are sweet and adorable and still have that baby smell.  You do what I ask you to and have yet to throw a tantrum.  If I could, I would hit the pause button and just put you on hold for at least a few more months.

As much as I want you to stop growing up so fast, I am thrilled to know that the best is yet to come.