Friday, September 23, 2011

Best Friends

Drew is three years old.  Well, not really but he acts and talks like he is!  He now says things like

"That's really, really funny."
"What in the world?"
"What are we having for dinner?"
That was crazy!"

playing in the bean box

I can only gather that he gets his excellent language skills from either: a) copying everything Grant says and does or b) he's just really smart.  I'm guessing, it's probably a little bit of both. 

Whatever Grant is doing, Drew wants to do it too.  Grant plays baseball, then Drew wants to play baseball.  Grant wants to play cars, then Drew wants to play cars.  Grant wants to play DS, then Drew sits right beside him and watches him play DS.  (Recently, this one lasts for only a few minutes and then he ends up bugging Grant and driving him crazy.)  Grant sits down to do homework, then Drew sits down to do "homework."  Grant wants to use the bathroom, then well, this one he could care less about. 

He talks and acts so much like Grant it is eerie... reactions, facial expressions, dance moves, and sayings. 

On the other hand, they couldn't be more different.  Grant is an observer.  He is cautious, responsible, and not so eager to try new things. He's smart like crazy smart.  You can tell him or show him something one time, and he just absorbs it.   He brings home 2nd grade level reading words from school and knows them with little or no practice. 

playing DS

Drew is more outgoing.  He likes to be in the middle of things, and is not afraid to try something new like chicken fried rice or going down the slide by himself.  He is very smart as well especially with his vocabulary, but there are subtle differences in their interest that I am picking up on.... Some of Drew's favorite books are ones that Grant had no interest in at this age.  And, the same wooden trains that Grant could properly hook together just by looking at them, Drew has trouble figuring them out. 

Grant lost his third tooth at school, 1st grade

They are constantly getting on each others nerves...  Grant trying to tell Drew what to do and Drew bugging Grant just wanting attention.  But really, they are the best of friends.

My favorite part of the day is when Grant comes home on the bus.  When Drew is not napping, he comes with me to wait on the porch for Grant.  When Drew sees him coming, he darts through the yard to greet him with a hug and a "I missed you, Dant."
first cub scout meeting