Monday, March 19, 2012

Grant's 7th

What can I say about Grant's birthday party?... 

Danny continues to say that I go overboard for such events.  But, I say, as long as I have still have some control with the birthday party, then I'm going to control the birthday party.

The one thing that nearly through me for a loop though was Grant's request for an Angry Birds cake.  You see, Grant sees me making cupcakes every week.  They're just no big deal to him anymore.  He wanted something special. 

I think he got it.

I don't just make cakes for anyone.

Danny came up with a life size Angry Bird game. The boys had to throw each bird a different way... through the legs, eyes closed, left hand, etc. They did several rounds and he kept score on the PC which he hooked up to the TV with Angry Bird music playing in the background!

The boys had a blast.  And Grant blew out his birthday candles for the 7th time.

Love these guys.

Waiting his turn.

Mimi, Nanny, Granny, and Nana