Friday, April 23, 2010

I am a horrible mother

I let my baby boy eat a McDonald's hamburger.   Better him than me though.  Right?

Actually it was leftover from Grant.  Tell me, how can you turn down that precious little smile?

He didn't eat much of it.  He had already filled up on cheese and mandarin oranges.   After a couple of bites this is what he did to it. 

Birthday Bear

We were trying a picture of everyone with Drew and his cake at his first birthday party.   But he had another idea.... he decided he would go ahead and sample his B-day cake.  As Danny and Dale were trying to snap a picture, Drew was snapping a cupcake. 

He nearly ate the whole thing.  And at one point he had so much icing on his nose, I was worried that he couldn't breathe.  He didn't care though.  He kept eating and eating.  He probably would've eaten another one if I had given him one. 

Who cares about presents when you have 3 Great Grandmothers and 2 Grandmothers at  your party?  (also 2 grandads, not pictured) :-)

First birthday party is officially in the books.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The vacation that almost never was

A few days before Danny left for San Francisco we were contemplating cancelling our weekend getaway to Napa Valley.  Maybe it was him not wanting to leave his boys for a few added days or not wanting to leave his very new sod unattended.   Or maybe it was me.  I was feeling quite anxious.  Not about leaving the boys for a couple of days, but about all the things I had to get done before I got on the plane.... appointments, errands, laundry, clean, and pack all by myself. 

Well, in the end, we decided to go for it.  And a rough couple of days led to one wonderful, much needed vacation. 

Schedules, chores, and rain were exchanged for leisure, good wine, and the warm California sunshine.  Our itinerary each day was pretty much deciding what wineries we wanted to visit and what resuraunt we should try for dinner. 

Anxiety gone.