Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Well, it's nearly my birthday so I guess I better post a recap on Grant's birthday party.  I mean, 6 years old.  Really?  Maybe I'm still in denial.

We did Grant's party at home this year and based it on the game show, Minute to Win It.  I let Grant have a major part in planning his party... he hand selected the boys in his class to invite, the cupcakes that I would make, and the games we would play. 

I must say, it turned out fabulous.  Danny connected the PC to the TV to show the game "blueprints" to the kids.  Junk in the Trunk, Separation Anxiety, Chocolate Unicorn, Johnny Applestack, and Sticky Situation were all hits.  And Grant stole the show as he bounced a ping pong ball onto a piece of bread covered in peanut butter on his second try. 

We've got to sign this kid up for the real show!