Monday, March 4, 2013

Christmas Highlights

This past Christmas was wonderfully uneventful. I guess that's why it has taken me three months to post about it.

Brunch at Mimi's and Pop's
way too many gifts and dinner at Nana's and O'Dad's

Christmas morning.  So excited!

Christmas morning. It doesn't get any cuter than this. 
The boys were thrilled for their Skylander Giants, Imaginext Dino's and space and dinosaur books from Santa. Drew was so excited to get some Skylanders of his own. And Grant got Hot Head!
This is our only family picture on Christmas Day. It cracks me up. After missing his nap, cameras flashing non-stop all day, and a house full of extended family, Drew had had enough!

NewYear's Eve found us at the Music City Bowl for the VU game. They boys just don't understand how monumental this was for the Commodores. They just think Vanderbilt is always good. Here's a couple of stats... Vanderbilt's eight wins were the most since 1982. SEC wins matched the school record set in 1935. 
The boys hung in there for the whole game and the pre and post tailgate!

"Brrrrr it's cold, but we're winning!"

Who ya' with?! VU!

They won!!!!!! After a an entire day on VU's campus, we rung in the new year at home snuggled in our beds.