Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mental Notes

I'm way behind in blogging. That's for sure. Posting pictures and status updates on Facebook has alleviated some of the need in me to document milestones or activities here. I still plan to post pics from the past holidays, but here's what I'm currently making mental notes of with the boys. I want to remember these little nuances that make them who they are... 

I want to remember how Grant has to have his bathroom light on and his door open just right before you can say good night.  That crusty spot behind his right ear because that's the side he always sleeps on. That he has to have the water luke warm before he will get into the bath or shower. That he wants to be a paleontologist as well as an astronaut when he grows up. That he can remember scores of football games that I don't even remember going to. That he has this incredible need to understand things like "why does food cost money?" and "how do we move?" That he copies the paragraphs from his dinosaur or space library books into a notebook so that he can have it for future reference. That he watches Sports Center every morning while eating breakfast. That he aggravates Drew and Drew aggravates him right back.That he's so much like me that we sometimes get on each other's nerves. That I never dreamed of the day he would wear a mask for Halloween. That recently I have to do a double take when sorting jeans in the laundry... I get them mixed up with mine. 

I want to remember that Drew often tells me "this was a great day, Mommy"  Most recently he told me this after a fun and exciting day of going to the grocery store and playing outside. That he will watch you eating and exclaim "you crushed it!!!" when you finish. That he knows all of the Skylanders names as well as their element and powers. That he still uses words like "yapkan" (napkin) and "alsolly" (also + actually), and we think it's adorable. That he loves to give bear hugs and can nearly pick up his big brother. That he let me dress him up in Grant's adorable hand-me-down pumpkim costume and loved it. That he still requests to have his classical music playing for bed time. That when you lay down with him when putting him to bed he asks you to "stay with me forever."  And, after a minute or two of snuggling or chatting he'll offer a blunt "get out of my bed." That I still creep into his room every night after he has fallen asleep to make sure he is still snuggled up with the covers and his puppy.

I want them to remeber that I love them more than anything on this earth. That I don't always show the most patience with them, but I try.  That I don't always know what's best for them, but I try. That they fill my life with joy. That I am blessed beyond belief with two healthy, happy, intelligent boys.
No mental notes needed for that.