Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One Year

How can Drew be one year old already? 

Time has flown by, but he's definitely accomplished so much over his first year of life.  Here's a quick recap:

1.  Sleeping through the night.  Not sleeping through the night. Sleeping through the night. Then not sleeping through the night again.  Let's hope tonight.... sleeping through the night.

2.  Saying mama for anything and everything he wants.

3.  Gaining 18 pounds.  Some one year olds are just now getting into their twenty pound range.  He had that milestone covered at 6 months.  And that brings me to #4....

4.  He weighs a mere 10 pounds less than his 5 year old brother.  Yes, your read that right.  He weighs a mere 10 pounds less than his 5 year old brother.

5.  Crawling at nearly 11 months.  He was content for the longest time to sit back and watch Grant bounce around the house or scoot around on his belly.

6.  Six ear infections, serum sickness, and one stomach bug.  As bad as this sounds, it was not nearly as bad as the illnessess we went through with Grant. 

7.  Saying Dada.  He began uttering the syllables just this week making his Dad so proud.

8. Wearing 2T clothing.  He's pretty much stayed a good 6 to 12 months ahead at a time in the clothing department.

9.  A move to a new house, a motorhome ride to Sunnyside Beach, and an airplane trip to Tampa.  Not bad.

10.  Suddenly, he seems to understand everything we are saying to him.  It's the coolest thing to see his eyes light up as we talk to him.  Tonight, Danny asked him if he wanted to go take his bath.  On hand and foot he sprinted to the bathroom. 

Happy Birthday Drew Bear.  We love you.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Here are some of my favorite pics from over the past couple of weeks. 

I often wake Drew from his naps so that he stays on schedule.  Or somedays he wakes himself up about an hour or so early just to keep me on schedule.  For the most part he is a wonderful napper.  No, he didn't get that way naturally, but after several days of just letting him figure it out on his own, well, let's just say it's totally worth it.  Ya' think?

He is currently napping from 10 to 12 and  from 4 to 5. He goes to bed at 7:45pm and wakes around 7am.  The little blanket you see is actually a lovey.  It's a puppy with a washcloth sized blanket attached.  As he settles down to go to sleep, he bites the puppy's head.  He sucks on it's tail . And I just realized after snapping these photos, he turns it inside out and sleeps on it like a pillow.

I find it odd sometimes seeing Drew in clothes that Grant wore when he was two years old.  Here he is in no clothes showing us why.  He's GINORMOUS.  Hmmmmmm. Might be time for a haircut too.
Following mommy around the house.  Looking cute in the afternoon light.

So, he actually did get his haircut last week by his wonderful Mimi at the beauty shop.  I was going to post pictures, but currently we can't find the memory card!.  We're worried that Drew found it and carried it off somewhere.

I'll post a pic when we find it.  HOPEFULLY we'll find it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 20, 2009

This day last year.  WOW!

The smile is a fake.  I remember having a very "out of it" sort of day.  Watching my due date come and go, was not in my birth plan.  I felt like I was going to be pregnant forever.  

Just 11 more days to go. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Table for Two

Drew and I having a snack and some casual conversation.

Click here Drew

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I guess we have put Grant to bed over a thousand times by now.

At one year of age, his routine consited of brushing his teeth, reading books as he sat in our lap in the glider, then placing him in bed awake. 

At nearly three when we moved him into his full size bed, we added trying to go potty and a few minutes of snuggling with him in bed after books.  Or as he puts it "lay down with me for a minute." 

We've been through this routine so many times that it is often mundane.  And after a long day, I'm ashamed to say that I often rush through it so I can go relax with the remote or read my blogs.

But the other night I was reminded that this time is not mundane at all. Something different happened this time.  Grant grabbed a book and began reading it to me

Can you gallop like a horse?
Can you strut like a rooster?
Can you run like a dog? 
Can you spring like a cat?
Can you soar like an eagle?
Can you swing like a chimp?
Can you flutter like a butterfly?
Can you swim like a turtle?
Then take a bow and smile: you twinkle, like a star!
Then take a bow and shine: a star is what you are.

Ok.  I helped him with the more difficult words.  But it was magical all the same.

After finishing, he said excitedly "I'm going to pick out another book because I can read."  Here he is showing Daddy his new skills.