Saturday, December 27, 2014

Catching up

My brother says I haven't been doing enough blogging lately. Hi ET!!!! So, here's my attempt at catching up a bit.

Grant started fourth grade and Drew started Kindergarten this year. Drew couldn't wait to go. Grant was not looking forward to getting up early and getting back into a routine. Actually, the first morning back, he was nearly in tears after trying to wake him. Yet, he came home that day saying fourth grade was pretty cool.

Drew did absolutely amazing with no tears. He had mostly been looking forward to riding the bus home with his big brother.

He says his favorite thing about Kindergarten is going outside for recess and eating lunch. His favorite special is P.E. and library. He's actually doing great being one of the leaders in his class. We are amazed at his reading level as well as his social skills. Recently when we attended a family night at school, every other kid we passed waved and said "hi Drew!"

Grants says his favorite thing about 4th grade is when the bell rings and the day is over. Despite this attitude, he's in the most advanced focus group. His favorite special is P.E. and library. He made Principal's list. Correction: he dominated Principal's list. He has become quite independent with his homework this year and typically completes it's all on the bus or at school. In his usual amazing big brother fashion, he always makes sure he sits with Drew on the bus.

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